Parent mares

The stud has 5 breeding mares that comes from 2 parent mares. The stud has bred through 25 years and it is therefore the mares Medea and Akki, which forms the foundation for the breed at the stud.

Parent mare Akki

Parent mare Akki with her last foalParent mare Akki with her last foalAkki was the first horse Povl bought as a foal in 1981. She is one of two parent mares at the stud. Akki is selected in DH and achieved elite-mare status in 1997. She is the mother of two breed approved stallions, a A-horse in dressage and the bronze-medal mare La-rinna. Out of the Akki-line is Alcazar who was breed approved in 2004 and is ready for grand prix in Sweden.

Parent mare Medea

Parent mare Medea with the foal FadeaParent mare Medea with the foal FadeaMedeá is the second parent mare at the stud. She is born in 1983 and achieved elite status in 1999. Medeà is out of the one of the best mare pedigrees in Denmark, which has produced both dressage and jumping horses with international results. Medeà is the mother of 4 RDH selected daughters - where the mare Female is selected with a bronze-medal.
Several of her off-spring is sold to foreign countries as dressage horses.

Elite mare Ale-carte

Elite mare Ale-carteElite mare Ale-carteALE-CARTE (ERDH 3541)