The breeding mares of the stud

The stud breeds with 4 mares and they are all descentants from Akki and Medea. ( se stamhopper) The 4 mares are bronze-medal mare Female, Akita, Larinna and gold medal mare Crelita as well. All the mares have been shown to the saddle selection as 3 year olds and emphasis is put on the rideability and performance of the mares.

Female EBRDH 4770

The mare Female EBRDHThe mare Female EBRDHFemale EBRDH is born in 1995 and achieved a bronze-medal as a 3 year old. Until now she has 3 daughters selected in RDH - and one with a bronze-medal, the mare Akita. Two of her sons, Charmeur and Caprino, was was chosen for the stallion selection in Herning. Caprino is a B-horse in dressage and Charmeur is ridden by co-owner Astrid Gemal. The equipage won among other things the championship for young horses in Herning 2008 and the championship for 6 year olds, DSA, for dressage horses. Charmeur is now an A-horse in dressage and war in 2011 sold to Holga Finken.
Female received a silver-medal for her off-spring collection in 2009. Se evt. punktet afkomstsamling.
Female died 2014

Larinna EBRDH

Bronze-medal mare LarinnaBronze-medal mare LarinnaLa-rinna is born in 1995, dam is Akki EDH. Larinna is selected in RDH in 1999. She achieved two 9`s in rideability and capacity at the saddle selected and received a bronze-medal at the Elite spectacle.
She is the mother of 3 RDH selected daughters, where one of them, Corinna, received a bronze-medal in 2010.

In 2012 La-rinna got the status as a elite mare because of the achievements of her off-spring.
Larinna died 2014.


Bronze-medal mare AkitaBronze-medal mare AkitaAkita is born in 1999, dam is Female. Akita is selected in RDH as a 3 year old and received a bronze-medal. Her first born is the gold-medal mare Crelita, sire Crelido.
Thereafter came the gelding Max-Light (sire Midt West Ibi-Light). Max-Light was selected for the intermediate round in dressage for the 4 year olds championship in 2010 and he was no. 2 in the Eg-test in Ikast and therefore directly further to the young horse championship finals in Herning 2011.
Furthermore Akita is the mother of The Champ, who is selected for the stallion championship in Herning 2011.

Crelita GRDH

Gold-medal mare Crelita at the Elite spectacleGold-medal mare Crelita at the Elite spectacleCrelita is born in 2003, dam Akita. Crelita achieved special prize as a 2 year old at the Elite spectalce. At the saddle selection in 2006 she achieved 884.50 points in dressage with five of her points being 9`s.
She was rewarded with a gold-medal at the Elite spectacle.
In 2009 the filly of Crelita, Tiranna (sire Temptation), received special prize at the foal spectacle. Tirana became the bedst 2 years old i Denmark.Tiranna is therefore fifth generation at the stud.