About Stutteri Hove

Stutteri Hove is a family owned stud with aprox. 35 horses consisting of own breed. Furthermore there are also horses that are owned by external breeders which are ridden and taken care of by the stud. The stud is situated in idylic Thy, which is close to the national reservation and the North Sea in the northwestern part of Jutland.

The family consists of Povl and Gitte and their 4 children Elisa, Annika, Ander and Martin. Povl and Gitte use all their time riding and showing horses. This is for potential customers and at shows, selections and championships etc. At the same time they also use a lot of time on the breeding and raising of horses at the stud. Furthermore they both teach in the sport of riding at Svankjær Continuation School not far from the stud.

Picture taken from the air of the studPicture taken from the air of the stud
The stud has 28 pens and 1 loose pen boks with 3 large pens for the young horses. In the summer time all the young horses are out in fields close to the stud around the clock. The area around the stud is mostly fir plantation which provides shelter and shadow for the horses.

The handling of the horses are based on mutual repsect, consequence, trust, patience and care. Each individual is treated with starting point in the abilities and capacities they possess. Only by doing this is the foundation for a competition horse able to be formed.

The foals are taught at an early age to be handled and after the separation form their mothers they live in heards where they characterize each other and help each other learn. The live in herds as 1 and 2 year olds until their further education continues. The young stallions are assessed as 2 year old in order to judge whether they have the potential to be presented for the stallion selection. This is done according to quality and degree of development. Those that are chosen and seen fit for the challenge are prepared through trekking routes in the surrounding plantation areas and they get used to the in-door arena by hand and in the loose jumping. The rest of the horses are broken-in in the summer/spring of their 3 rd year.

The mares are broken-in as 3 year olds and are thereafter presented at the saddle selection. After that they begin their career as breeding mares if they have the quality that seems necessary.